Workshop Series

NEXUS’s autisMakes workshops give young people on the autism spectrum the chance to explore the Maker environment and engage in a wide range of projects and design challenges. Participants enhance their social and technical problem-solving skills through interaction and collaboration with peers, mentors, and facilitators while experiencing the joy of discovery, camaraderie, and creativity inherent in Making.

These workshops are an invaluable source of anecdotal information as we continually strive to provide the optimum experience for participants. They also provide the vehicle for training additional educators and service providers who work in the autistic community in the implementation of the autisMakes model, multiplying the potential to impact the lives of those on spectrum.

November 5, 2016

‘I have never had such freedom…’

Innovation Make-a-thon, first in the autisMakes workshop series, was designed by Spectrum Innovates in conjunction with the LOGO Foundation specifically for those on spectrum to explore their creative side, experience developing Maker projects from start to finish, be exposed to new ideas and Maker resources and make new social connections.
July 17-20, 2017
The second in the autisMakes Workshop Series.
During this groundbreaking 4-day workshop participants were invited to invent, design, build and present prototypes of interactive rides and games that might be found in an amusement park. Drawing on personal passion to tap into creativity our “Makers” used servos, micro-controllers, programming and building materials to bring their ideas to life.

• Minecraft Wolf Robot • 3-D Maze • Whirling Teacup Ride • Toy Story Claw Game • Glove Game Controller • Trolls Bullseye Toss Game • Adventure Video Game • Boxing Video Game • Peach Plus Pokémon Video Game • Dr. Who Tardis • Toy Story T-shirt

2018 Advanced Summer Workshop

July, 2018
The Third in the autisMakes Workshop Series.
NEXUS led an in-depth forty-hour innovation workshop for 18 students using a wide range of technological tools, including microcontrollers, programming languages, 3D printers, servos, sensor boards and various Maker materials accompanied by instruction in specialized tools as needed. Projects included model rocketry, air cars, game design and interactive technologies / robotics.

October 1, 2017
nfpNexus' Spectrum Innovates Collaborates with Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology to Participate in STEMconnector's Inaugural National Day of Design™ Challenge

Team features autistic members