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Spectrum Innovates is nfpNEXUS's first transition initiative. It represents a groundbreaking approach to transition for the autistic community by upending the historical paradigm that attempts to shape autistics in a neuro-typical mold. By building upon the evolution of successful transition programs, Spectrum Innovates extends these efforts by incorporating the process of creation and innovation, transcending deficits through passion. In concert with its innovation lab and experiential learning process, participants in the program receive not only the requisite life skills for independent living, but also skills in advocacy, stewardship, empathy, and negotiation.


What's Behind Spectrum Innovates

nfpNEXUS / Spectrum Innovates is committed to giving those on spectrum the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Our belief, which is supported by experts and current research, is that potential is best reached when autistics pursue their passions. While participation in the maker movement is just one part of the Spectrum Innovates initiative, it is a cutting edge vehicle to achieve this goal. Global business leaders look to STEM and the maker movement to lead them to the next great leaps in innovation and welcome all to the adventure. For those on spectrum, it is an opportunity to evolve their ideas and expand their strengths without neuro-typical expectations and constraints.

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